The 2018 Queensland Women in Business Summit will be Queensland’s first Summit for women in business, STEM, innovation and emerging industries and education.

The Queensland Women in Business Summit will be Queensland’s FIRST Summit for women in business, STEM, innovation, emerging industries and education.

One Platform—where regional and city women in business can connect and collaborate. 

One Platform—that becomes a dynamic marketplace for: learning, collaboration, profiling, and expediential business growth.

One Platform—with a B2B forum dedicated to increasing the sharing of information, the building of skills and increasing a participants capacity to identify ‘transformer’ opportunities.

Following FIVE years of research identifying a number of opportunities needed to nurture andassist Queensland’s businesswomen in their efforts, Women in Business Summit will address key challenges holding female led enterprises back from upscaling, increasing their earning capacity and expansion future-proofing.

The Women in Business Summit will provide Queensland’s cities and regional territories a valuable opportunity that will make a real difference to women in business at every level through encouraging empowerment, ambition, entrepreneurship, business acumen, continued education and connections.

For more details on the program, dates and partnerships, email the Secretariat.

Watch the video below to learn more

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